Georgia Rodgers Tonewood

This piece was originally conceived as an installation for hcmf// 2020 but for obvious reasons it was not able to go ahead in that format this year. The gallery it would have been held in, Temporary Contemporary in the Queensgate Market, comprises two rooms with a single large opening between them. The rooms are mostly separate volumes but are acoustically linked. In the installation, the visitor would have been able to move between the rooms, creating changing mixes of the sounds presented across two multi-channel loudspeaker arrays, depending on where they were in the space. 

Here, I present the material from the ash tree, cello and violin as a twelve minute stereo version, a different realisation of the same piece, which is called Tonewood. 

GR 10.11.20 

Commissioned by HCMF 2020

Violin, cello and electronics Georgia Rodgers

Photo by Georgia Rodgers

Mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange London
Design By Chris Bigg

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