Adrian Corker Music For Lock Grooves

Release 28th June

Edition of 250 vinyl artwork by Chris Bigg photography by Wojiech Zamecznik

1.Inflow pt 1
2.Inflow pt 2
3.Inflow pt 3
4.Outflow pt 1
5.Outflow pt 2
6.Outflow pt 3

lock grooves cut by Graeme Durham
violin Aisha Orazbayeva
percussion Sam Wilson
rubber piano harmonic Mark Knoop
voice loop Josephine Stephenson
mixed by David Prior
additional recording Leo Abrahams
background collage and design by Chris Bigg
photograph Wojciech Zamecznik
with kind permission from J+S Zamecznik/Archeology of Photography Foundation Warsaw

A lock groove is one cycle of one groove on a record. This is 1.8 sec cut at 33RPM and 1.33 cut at 45RPM. Having used lock grooves on film scores for British film Waiting for You and The Have Nots directed by Florian Hoffmeister, Corker wanted to explore their potential further in a standalone more percussive release. He used the cutting lathe currently residing in the living room of The Exchange mastering legend Graeme Durham to experiment with different sounds cut onto acetate and then recorded over different durations back into a computer. The process is similar to print processes in the visual arts where there is a high degree of unpredictability in how the eventual lock groove is recorded and then plays. Also because of the softness of the acetate the lock grooves break down as they are re-recorded causing unexpected effects as the needle carves away the surface of the vinyl. This generative process adds layers of unpredictable noise culminating finally in white noise. These are combined and edited forming frames for performances of violin, percussion and piano. The pieces reflect on the tension between the mechanical and the human gesture/expression and place where they merge.