Released on 1st July in and edition of 500 CDs

Aisha Orazbayeva Music For Violin Alone

Released on 1st July in an edition of 500 CDs
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1. Angharad Davies Circular Bowing Study (2012-2020)
2. Johann Sebastian Bach Largo from Sonata no.3 in C major (1720)
3. Nicola Matteis Jr. Alia Fantasia (1720)
4. Oliver Leith Blurry Wake Song (2019)
5. James Tenney KOAN (1971)
6. John Cage Eight Whiskus (1985)
7. Aisha Orazbayeva Ring (2020)
Distributed by Kudos

SNVariations - Aisha Orazbayeva Music for Violin Alone